Assistant Professor of Finance and Business Economics
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA, 90089
Tel (Office): (213) 821-9887
Email: miao.zhang@marshall.usc.edu
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Working Papers

Wisdom of the Institutional Crowd: Implications for Anomaly Returns
(with AJ Chen and Gerard Hoberg)
~INSEAD, 14th Annual Hedge Fund Research Conference

Talent Retention Risk and Missing Corporate Investment
(with AJ Chen and Zhao Zhang) Coming soon
By constructing a new measure of firms' risk of losing key talent, we show that rising talent retention risk explains 16%-27% of the increased investment-Q gap in the recent decade.
~Labor and Finance Group Meeting 2022

Under the Hood of Routine Share Decline
(with Nir Jaimovich and Nicolas Vincent) Coming soon
Contrary to the notion of creative destruction, we show that entrant establishments consistently have higher share of routine task labor. The declining routine share is entirely driven by incumbent establishments.

Published Papers

The Cross-Section of Investment and Profitability: Implications for Asset Pricing
(with Mete Kilic and Louis Yang)
Journal of Financial Economics, 2022, 145(3), 706-724
~AFA, SFS Cavalcade, Minnesota Junior Conference, ITAM Conference, Midwest Finance Association, ...

Trading Up and the Skill Premium
(with Nir Jaimovich, Sergio Rebelo, and Arlene Wong)
NBER Macroeconomics Annual, 2019, 34, 285-316
Slides | NBER Presentation

Local Risk, Local Factors, and Asset Prices
(with Selale Tuzel)
Journal of Finance, 2017, 72(1), 325-370
Slides | Appendix | Data

Suitability Check and Household Investments in Structured Products
(with Eric Chang and Dragon Tang)
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2015, 50(3), 597-622

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